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Combining optometric vision therapy with occupational therapy results in an integrated solution. Overall coordination and alertness are improved, which in turn affects performance in sports and in school. Read more!

Appelbaum Vision was the first practice in the country to offer both Vision Therapy and Occupational Therapy and is proud to continue to be considered the gold standard of integrating these fields. We provide the highest quality of Optometric Eye Care, Vision Therapy and Occupational Therapy in the same practice. Our history of working together as a team allows us to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to vision, movement, and development for both children and adults.

Improving lives by improving vision

Our mission at Appelbaum Vision is to thoroughly evaluate, treat, and enhance the visual system for improvement in all aspects of life.

As Developmental and Neuro-Optometrists in Bethesda and Annapolis, we help integrate mind, body, and vision to eliminate dysfunction and thus improve visual abilities essential to reading, learning, sports, and life.

We treat people of all ages who unnecessarily struggle as a result of vision problems associated with:

Occupational Therapy assists infants, children, and adults who have developmental, physical, coordination, emotional, and/or behavioral issues, interfering in the performance of their daily life.

Our occupational therapy services provide evaluation, treatment, and consultation for sensory integration, sensory processing, self regulation, coordination, perception, and behavioral dysfunctions interfering with performance in daily life.

Need help understanding Occupational Therapy and the benefits of Occupational Therapy? Check out our new FAQs about Occupational Therapy!

"Vision is learned, and vision can be learned better," says Stan Appelbaum, founder of Appelbaum Vision.

Read how vision therapy is helping patients get their eyes back on track!

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