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Vision Problems - 3D Vision

Symptoms from 3D viewing can detect vision problems and open the door to successful treatment

Taking your child to see the latest "3D" movie should be fun... right?

Stereopsis is the sensation of depth attained from the successful merging of the two slightly different pictures seen in each eye into one 3-dimensional image.

More simply put, in order to see in 3-D both eyes must be working together simultaneously as a coordinated team. Anyone who is having a less than ideal experience viewing 3-D movies, likely has some sort of vision problem. Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, eyestrain, visual fatigue, or overall avoidance of this heightened form of visual stimulation. If you or someone you know experiences any of these frustrations contact a developmental optometrist who can screen for vision dysfunction. For more information of 3-D viewing, visit the Scientific American website.

You CAN teach an old brain new tricks!

There is a common misconception that the critical period for vision development ends at age 8. This is FALSE! Evidence based medicine now confirms that there indeed is neuroplasticity well beyond the childhood years and, in fact, at any age we can treat strabismus and amblyopia and thus improve depth perception. Just ask professor of neurobiology at Mount Holyoke College, Susan R. Barry, Ph.D., who is living proof that you can develop stereopsis as an adult. "Stereo Sue"has authored countless articles, been featured in numerous publications, interviews, and videos, and authored the groundbreaking book Fixing My Gaze..

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