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Vision Services at Appelbaum Vision - Adult Eye Exams

See Better, Feel Better!
The need for the right prescription

Have you ever received glasses or contacts, but still felt that your prescription was not right? This is because we all have a different preference of prescription strength. Seeing clearly and comfortably also depends on how you use your eyes and your underlying health conditions. Dr. Appelbaum assesses your individual needs to assure that you have the best vision possible.

The American Optometric Association recommends annual eye examinations for adults

To diagnose vision problems, detect changes in the visual systems, and maintain ocular health. Regular eye care can help prevent many diseases, as well as functional problems that occur as a result of the extensive near visual demands associated with academic and professional life.

At Appelbaum Vision, we provide holistic eye care to support the increasing demands of our evolving visual world. With such stress being place on our visual systems with extensive computer and near work, a dependence on hand held devices, and our progressing technological society, many people experience unnecessary feelings of eyestrain, headaches, or blurred vision throughout their day. Many visual symptoms and difficulties can be effectively treated with appropriate glasses and/or vision therapy.

Vision therapy is not just for kids

While many individuals feel that most vision disorders are either hereditary or naturally occurring, there is substantial evidence that many non-pathological (disease) vision disorders are related to how we use our eyes and the ergonomics we use while reading or on the computer. Even though an individual has 20/20 eyesight and a current eyeglass prescription, there is no guarantee that all critical visual skills are intact and functioning efficiently.

Eliminating tired eyes in the workplace improves efficiency!

Behaviors and signs that visual dysfunction may exist:

Contact Appelbaum Vision to see if vision is interfering with your ability to function at home, in the workplace, or in daily life.

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