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Occupational Therapy improves skills such as dexterity, grasp, manipulation, strength, visual motor integration, and perception to improve fine motor skills needed for pencil work, handwriting, dressing, tool use, and daily living skills.

Occupational Therapy at Appelbaum Vision - Who Benefits?

Occupational Therapy assists infants, children, and adults

Who have developmental, physical, coordination, emotional, and/or behavioral issues, interfering in the performance of their daily life.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Based Movement Disorders

Does not receive accurate feedback sensation from body movement through space (vestibular) and from muscles and joints (proprioception) which then impacts skilled movement

Developmental Delays

Delays in gross motor or fine motor skills, feeding, or social skills

Gross Motor Coordination / Postural Control Issues

Motor planning issues

Difficulty planning, organizing, and/or executing new movement

Poor Eye Hand Coordination

Fine Motor / Visual Motor Integration / Visual Perception Skills

Picky or Difficult Eaters

Poor Attention and Focusing

Difficulty alerting, focusing, and/or maintaining or shifting attention

Poor Play Skills and Social Skills

Activities of Daily Living

Common Diagnoses Treated with OT

We provide Occupational Therapy evaluation and treatment specializing in sensory integration, sensory processing and modulation, self regulation, motor planning, postural control, balance, muscle tone, gross and fine motor skills, and handwriting which impact behavior, coordination, and performance in daily living.

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