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Concussions are a form of brain injury that damage neural connections and affect normal visual processing and cognitive function


Research suggest over 50% of patients with concussion or post-concussion syndrome have visual problems.

Symptoms of a concussion can vary from person to person, as no two head injuries are the same. The most common symptoms include:

Some symptoms can arise immediately after the injury, others with a delayed onset.

To learn more about the visual consequences and recovery after concussion, please visit VisionHelp's initiative,

Take a look at Dr. Bryce Appelbaum's featured webinar, "The Eye-Brain Connection: Vision and Concussion"

They often occur from a blow to the body that causes the head and delicate brain to rapidly change direction. Even those with mild concussions can suffer profound problems that dramatically affect their quality of life. Concussions can occur in any sport, recreational activity, and everyday life.

In this 6 minute VisionHelp interview (below), see how vision impacts reading, learning and attention through the eyes of an educational specialist

Vision problems after a concussion are very common

Symptoms include blurry or unstable vision, headache, double vision, dizziness, sensitivity to light, trouble reading or working on the computer, and altered depth perception. Most vision disturbances after concussion can be treated, and you should seek treatment as soon as you or others suspect a problem. Treatment may include specialized glasses for reading or computer work, a rehabilitative vision therapy program, or specially tinted lenses to reduce light sensitivity. Without treatment, visual problems may limit your success in reaching a full recovery.

Awareness of concussions and the medical community’s evolving knowledge of this specific form of brain damage has dramatically risen over the years. Not only are professional and amateur athletes now having to sit out for significantly longer before returning back to play, but the incidence of concussions is on an alarming incline.

All concussions are considered brain injuries and should be taken seriously

AppelbaumVision is dedicated to protecting children and adults from brain injury. After a suspected head injury, a simple eye-movement test called the King-Devick Test can be administered to determine if it is safe to return to play, or to be evaluated by a licensed professional. This test is already being administered on the sidelines of many professional sports as a removal from play detection of impaired oculomotor, visual, and cognitive functioning. As part of the neuro-optometric vision evaluation, the doctors at Appelbaum Vision can conduct this test to either establish an appropriate baseline or to assess current level of functioning. Our mission is to maximize your recovery and help prevent the consequences of concussions that can lead to serious brain injury.

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