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Our Occupational Therapists are IM Certified!

Our Occupational Therapists at Appelbaum Vision provide an assessment and treatment program for children and adults with issues impacting attention, motor skills, cognition, behavior, rhythm and timing. The program uses game-like auditory-visual stimulation that provides constant feedback to promote synchronized timing in the brain. As Occupational Therapists utilizing IM, we use this modality as one therapeutic exercise tool to promote more complex motor movements requiring increased attention and complexity in responses.

Appelbaum Vision is conveniently located in Bethesda and Annapolis, minutes away from Metro Washington DC!

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Occupational Therapy at Appelbaum Vision

Occupational Therapy addresses the functional skills of infants, children, and adults to enhance performance in their daily life


Through therapeutic activity, we work to improve an individual’s performance and enable participation in play, school, movement, work, and overall daily living. Occupational Therapists enhance development and function, promote success, further performance, maximize independence, and prevent dysfunction in people with developmental, physical, behavioral, social, or emotional issues.

Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing

Sensory integration involves how the brain receives information from all of the senses, organizes the information, and uses it appropriately in coordination, behavior, emotions, and performance in daily life. We all respond differently to sensory input. But when these processes significantly interfere with or disrupt our daily life, the term sensory integration dysfunction or sensory processing disorder may be identified.

We provide Occupational Therapy evaluation and treatment specializing in sensory integration, sensory processing and modulation, self regulation, motor planning, postural control, balance, muscle tone, gross and fine motor skills, and handwriting which impact behavior, coordination, and performance in daily living.

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