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The American Optometric Association recommends that all preschool children should have received at least three complete vision exams

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One at 6 months, one at 3 years, and again at 5 years or before beginning school, to ensure that their visual skills and abilities are developing at the appropriate rate. It is important that after starting school children receive yearly eye exams to ensure they are visually ready for the learning that takes place in the classroom. A thorough vision evaluation rules out any possible vision problems that may be part of the reason for a child’s inappropriate behavior or performance in school.

Early detection is key for successful intervention

At Appelbaum Vision, we use a thorough battery of both objective and subjective testing to evaluate functional visual skills and abilities, visual processing, and eye health. A thorough vision evaluation can be conducted even without the child saying one word!

Testing beyond 20/20 eyesight

There is a great deal more to vision than purely eyesight. Our comprehensive evaluations look at essential functional visual skills and abilities including:

What are the clues for when a visual problem is suspected?

Physical Clues:

Performance Clues:

Secondary Symptoms:

If your child has been labeled with one of the following, then it is likely that he/she may have a vision problem

The Labels:

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