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S.L. is on the Moon Swing holding tight while swinging to improve her muscle tone, strength, and balance which is improving her motor coordination, safety, and confidence.

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Occupational Therapy - Services

Services at Appelbaum Vision

Occupational Therapy improves balance, postural control, muscle tone, strength, and motor planning to improve skilled movement and coordination needed for play, safety, endurance, daily living skills, and confidence in movement.

Occupational Therapy improves sensory processing which is the foundation needed for successful movement, attention, comfort, and daily living.

When adequate sensory processing has not developed in a child or has been affected through illness or an accident in an adult, life can be disrupted and difficult.

When an individual's system overreacts to sensory input, simple everyday sensations such as sound, light, movement, smell, touch, or pain can be overwhelming and difficult to manage resulting in emotional or behavioral issues. For others who may under-respond to sensation, different emotional or behavioral issues may be experienced. Disorders in sensory processing can impact alertness, attention, behavior, social skills, emotions, coordination, eating, and daily living.

OT Evaluations

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Diagnostic OT Sessions

Informal evaluation in OT treatment room when standardized testing may not be appropriate due to diagnosis, attention, cooperation, skill level, chief concerns, etc. As indicated, this may include observation and assessment of postural control, balance, muscle tone, strength, motor planning, oral motor skills, movement patterns, gross and fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, sensory processing, sensory modulation, self-regulation, eye hand coordination, and/or behavior.

OT Office Treatments at Appelbaum Vision

Direct Occupational Therapy in our fully equipped treatment rooms that provides a full range of therapeutic activities with state of the art modalities, equipment, strategies, and procedures to enhance involvement, participation, and progress.

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OT Consultations

Consultation with patient, family, caregiver, teacher, and/or other professional to provide therapeutic home, school, work, or daily living suggestions, obtain further information, and coordinate service/care.

OT Home Visits

Visit to the home for evaluation of environment or to provide therapeutic suggestions to be utilized in a non-office based environment.

School Visit Observations and Consultations

Observation of the child or adolescent in the school environment. This may involve consultation with school personnel to offer collaborative suggestions to facilitate improved performance in the classroom.

School or IEP Meetings

When requested by the parent, attendance at school meetings to provide assistance with Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals, accommodations in the school, suggestions for classroom strategies, or to provide a better understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sensory Diets and Home Programs

Development, instruction, demonstration, and initiation of therapeutic activities, strategies, and implementation to be used at home or throughout the day to promote improved performance.

Occupational Therapy helps children and adults with sensory issues improve their ability to process sensory information to enhance their comfort, behavior, emotions, coordination, and interaction with others and their environment.

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