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Dr Bryce Appelbaum has worked with hundreds of professional athletes, several professional sports teams, and countless amateur athletes to transform raw talent into honed performance through vision.

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Do you want to cut a few strokes off of your golf game?

Do you wish you could react quicker to your opponents serve in tennis?

What if you could learn to slow down the ball and see it even quicker?

Vision is the most dominant learning sense and is the most important sensory system in regard to athletic performance. From an early age everyone is told to “keep your eye on the ball,” but very often never actually taught how. Whether you’re a weekend athlete or a serious professional, vision therapy can help you gain a competitive edge by enhancing depth perception, hand/eye coordination, visuospatial knowledge, visual tracking, visualization, and reaction time. While the visual demands vary among sports, designing an individualized sports vision therapy program can enhance speed and accuracy of visual thinking and improve performance.

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The NFL's Most Exciting Receiver

By REED ALBERGOTTI, Wall Street Journal, Friday, Jan 16, 2009

While they're not over yet, this year's National Football League playoffs have already produced one spectacle for the ages: the remarkable ability of Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to pluck passes out of the sky.

Football receiver

As the Cardinals prepare to face Philadelphia in Sunday's NFC championship game, Mr. Fitzgerald's acrobatics are the talk of the NFL. They have also stirred up a mystery: in photographs, Mr. Fitzgerald can often be seen doing something almost unfathomable: making catches with his eyes closed. "I don't understand it myself," he says. Read this article in its entirety and find out how Vision Therapy helped Larry Fitzgerald!

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