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Maryland based therapists "marry" optometric vision therapy and OT for significant results! Husband and wife team Stan Appelbaum, OD, FCOVD, and Barbara Bassin, OTR/L, BCP, are truly one of a kind. The board-certified vision therapist and board-certified pediatric occupational therapist work together in the same practice, offering patients both optometric vision therapy and sensory-integration-oriented occupational therapy. Read this article in its entirety!


Appelbaum Vision is conveniently located in Bethesda and Annapolis, minutes away from Metro Washington DC!

Success Stories at Appelbaum Vision

Notecard from patient

"There has been a marked improvement in my husband’s balance and coordination. In fact, after three months of vision therapy he was dismissed from occupational therapy. He has seen an improvement in identifying words and phrases. His field of vision has improved and he is looking forward to be able to return to driving in the near future."


"Since beginning vision therapy, I have seen drastic changes in my level of focus in school and have noticed an increase in my ability to retain information learned in the classroom and while studying. I am no longer suffering from severe chronic fatigue and headaches, so I can focus a lot more in school.

Before vision therapy, I was struggling in school and lost a lot of confidence because I would confuse simple terms and forget simple concepts. I have since regained my confidence and am doing very well in school. I feel better than I have in a very long time and am grateful for what vision therapy has done for me."


"D. is reading more, in finer print! His driving has improved, since he can focus much better. He is catching footballs better and is able to jump rope—both are big steps for him. D. is also able to hammer nails without bending or missing them. Overall, he is excited how "in focus" the world looks."


"I’m writing this as my daughter, A., has completed her last eye therapy session. Our experience began about two years and two months ago. While that may seem like a long time ago, time really did go by quickly. She attended therapy one time per week. A. today is 9 years old and an average reader and speller. Her success today is determined by her motivation, not her impaired vision skills.

Her convergence issues have resolved. Her eye skills are those of other children her age. Her resistance to reading, writing and spelling are gone. Today she came home from school and did her math, spelling and other assignments independently, right away without me asking! (Is this my A?) Eye therapy helped her be this student.

A warm thank you to both Dr. Appelbaums, especially Dr. Bryce who gave such consistent attention to A. week after week. Also to the awesome support staff over the years: Brittany, Andrea, and Larissa to name a few."


"When N. first started vision therapy she was uncomfortable in large groups of people. She cringed and flinched when other children would run past her. Playground situations caused her anxiety. Since beginning vision therapy, I have noticed that she is much more comfortable with people approaching her. She is much more confident on the playground in general, which I have attributed to the improvement in her vision. N. also turned her head when watching television so that her “strong eye” could focus and shut off the other eye.

After progressing in vision therapy, I noticed that she does not need to do that as much. She also has started pointing out words in books recently. And she is participating in a pre-K/kindergarten basketball league. This is huge as she has never been interested in playing catch and all the chaos of the children running all around her would have been intolerable to her in the past. My husband and I are so pleased with the progress she has made."


"When M. first started vision therapy, she could not climb down stairs on her feet, she would hold on to the rail for dear life. She would not climb, jump down, or anything that other kids her age were doing. She was eight when she came to see Dr. Appelbaum. This past November she saw her first 3D movie and loved it! She is much more confident and not scared to try new activities. It’s really night and day. She’s excited to show me how she can jump out of the van and actually did a rope swing obstacle course with her 5th grade class."


"He no longer complains of double vision, his hand eye coordination has improved, and his intermittent exotropia has improved. His eyes do not deviate as frequently, and when they do, he is able to regain control quickly."


"M. began vision therapy before kindergarten. She was able to read short books with large words on the page, often getting too tired to finish. She also never chose to write or draw—even writing her name was a chore. Now M. is choosing to write and draw. She is also reading short (mini) chapter books without fatigue. We are noticing less squinting and covering one eye."


"Before undergoing vision therapy, I was unable to properly focus on far-away objects. Now I can see well enough to drive. In addition to this benefit, I can complete my work much more efficiently. My hand eye coordination has increased and I have started playing basketball in my free time because of it. I have had fewer headaches and strain from school work and day to day activities. I would like to thank Dr. Appelbaum and his associates for their help."


"When G. first started vision therapy, she had difficulty recognizing her letters and numbers. Although she loved books she was reluctant to focus on the words—not to mention try to read. She had difficulty focusing in general and had no interest in anything involving "close work".

We’ve been in therapy with Dr. Appelbaum for four months now. G. knows all her alphabet, numbers, and is beginning to read. Her focus has improved greatly and she no longer is hesitant to read. Her drawing skills have improved tremendously as well. We are confident G. will overcome her vision difficulties and thrive—with the help of Dr. Appelbaum and his talented staff! Thank you!"


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