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S.L. is on the Moon Swing holding tight while swinging to improve her muscle tone, strength, and balance which is improving her motor coordination, safety, and confidence.

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Occupational Therapy - Office Treatment

We provide Occupational Therapy in an engaging fully equipped office with an extensive variety of therapeutic equipment, tools, and activities.

When working with children and adults, we provide supportive, meaningful, and 'fun' activities that promote development of sensory processing, coordination, motor planning, self-regulation, and behavior.

Sensory Integration Therapy is an advanced specialty area of Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy utilizes enhanced therapeutic sensory activities to promote improved sensory integration, translating into improved performance, coordination, behavior. Children and adults explore sensory, movement, and motor planning experiences in an encouraging manner that promote integration, self regulation, comfort, confidence, coordination, and skill within a fully supportive therapeutic approach. We celebrate all accomplishments and improvement with the individuals and their family as they move forward towards success in their lives.

Postural and Movement Therapeutic Activities

Appelbaum Vision provides unique opportunities to work on and challenge movement issues with our extensive knowledge and equipment, providing the ideal challenge to promote postural control, balance, muscle tone, reflex integration, and movement.

Visually Enhanced Occupational Therapy

Our practice has a unique understanding of vision and how it relates to movement, behavior, and performance. With this advanced knowledge, team work, and collaboration, Appelbaum Vision provids therapeutic activities that incorporate vision within Occupational Therapy procedures. We have found this distinctive pairing to enhance the outcome of movement activities by including the synchronization of vision and movement together for better results in behavior, visual performance, and attention.

Occupational Therapy Intensive Treatment

In some instances, children and adults come to our practice for a condensed period of intensive Occupational Therapy to promote faster gains. While many come from out of state for intensive therapy, others seek additional therapy during the slower life periods than what their usual schedule may permit, such as during vacation times or summer break.

Interactive Metronome

An assessment and treatment program for children and adults with issues impacting attention, motor skills, cognition, behavior, rhythm and timing. The program uses game-like auditory-visual stimulation that provides constant feedback to promote synchronized timing in the brain. As Occupational Therapists utilizing IM, we use this modality as one therapeutic exercise tool to promote more complex motor movements requiring increased attention and complexity in responses.

For additional information about Interactive Metronome, visit their website!

Therapeutic Listening

An individualized auditory intervention music based program improves those with issues in sensory processing, listening attention, behavior, motor skills, and communication. This program helps activate listening to help individuals tune in, respond, and react appropriately to the environment. The specially recorded music and sounds help capture attention, regulate and organize behavior and movement, and assist in relating to people and the environment.

For additional information about Theraputic Listening, visit their website!

The Alert Program for Self Regulation
How Does Your Engine Run?

This program is useful in helping children, adults, their families, and schools identify when the individual’s ‘engine’ or nervous system is too high, too low, or just right. We at Appelbaum Vision teach strategies and activities that can be used to help tune the 'engine' or regulate the nervous system so that he or she is at the just right level of regulation to engage, interact, and participate in daily living.

For additional information about the Alert Program for Self Regulation, visit their website!

Wilbarger Therapeutic Brushing Protocol

A pressure brushing and joint compression protocol to help reduce sensory defensiveness, an oversensitivity to sensory input. It is often used with children who are tactually defensive or oversensitive to light touch. The individual may over respond to the feel of certain clothing, such as the tags in the shirt or the seams of the socks, the touch by others, or to the particular textures in certain food.

Handwriting Without Tears

Developmentally appropriate and multisensory approach to handwriting.

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