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Vision Services - Vision Rehab at Appelbaum Vision

Vision is pervasive throughout the brain

We provide individualized vision rehabilitation programs to address the visual dysfunctions that result from Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) such as:

75% of head trauma survivors need rehabilitation, 90% need vision care

The Neuro Optometrist often plays an integral role on the rehabilitation team, working closely with other professionals in a multi disciplinary approach. Visual dysfunctions are often “hidden” in that they may not be obvious, understood, or adequately described by the patient. Some of the most common conditions treated at Appelbaum Vision include:

"When vision is working well, it guides and leads. When it is not, it interferes…" John Streff, OD

Brain injuries can affect numerous activities of daily living involving vision including: Reading, driving, balance, coordination, ambulation, computer use, writing. The following symptoms can also occur as a result of an acquired brain injury: double vision, blurred vision, headaches, reduction or loss of visual field, eyestrain, confusion related to visual tasks, decreased concentration, comprehension difficulties, memory difficulty, inattention, eye contact issues, sensitivity to light, etc.

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